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Once you have started your business from home the next step is to grow it to meet your ambitions. You already know the benefits to starting a home business and what the key ingredients are for success, so now you will need to take the time to understand growth. Here we are going to discuss the factors that go into taking your company to the next level, specifically how to market yourself to attract higher numbers of users.


The importance of good search engine optimization (SEO) practice cannot be underestimated. SEO is the tools you will use to make sure that your website appears higher up in non-paid for search engine results. The reasons for needing this are clear, the higher up you can appear in search engines, the more traffic you are going to get. So what are the methods you should be using to improve your SEO?

Making some changes to your website will be the first port of call. There are plenty of guides out there which will help you optimize your site for search engines, so familiarize yourself with their recommendations and make the changes you need to make. In addition to traditional SEO improvements, you can also utilize third-party review websites to improve your search engine results. One reason for review sites helping to improve your website is your reputation. The more websites that have a write-up about you, the more legitimacy it gives you. For example,  a site like is looking to help people make more money. By providing reviews they are giving their reader base the information they require – and improving their own SEO due to the amount of time spent on the web page – and they are enhancing the reputation of Fundrise in this case due to it being confirmed as a reputable financial website.


Social Media

If you have already started your business, you have probably already explored social media. But getting the most out of your Twitters and Facebooks is a lot harder than it might first look. Building up a follower base takes time, but remains an important way of reaching your target market directly. To do this, you must first understand who is using the many different social media websites so that you are using your time wisely by targeting your audience only. This breakdown of users from Spredfast demonstrates how every social media company is being used in different ways, by different people, for different purposes.

We have mentioned Twitter, so looking at it we can see that on a monthly basis it has 317 million active users. The common age demographic in this user base is 18-29, and they are spending under three minutes per day on average. So if this age group is your target market, you need to grab their attention in a short amount of time each day.

Marketing is a challenge facing every company, but research and time will see you grow your business using digital platforms quickly and efficiently.

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